Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) -8Mil Industrial Grade

Scratch Resistant
Optically Clear Protection
Hydrophobic Technology
Self Cleaning Technology
12 Years Warranty

Self-Cleaning Effect Hydrophobic Effect

Permanent Protection

Extreme Gloss

UV Protection

Hardness Above 9H

Coatings provide many benefits for your vehicle...

» Ease of Maintenance – The Super Hydrophobic effect added to the exterior surface by the Coating results in less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying.

» Extreme Durability – Provides excellent protection against the elements.

» Long Lasting – Preserves your paint for years to come.

» UV Protection – Protects against oxidization from exposure to large amounts of UV rays from the sun.

» Sacrificial Layer – The Coating Itself acts as a sacrificial layer, taking damage before touching your vehicle’s surface paint.

» High Gloss Finish – Killer crystal clear reflection, ultra slick touch and extreme gloss year-round.

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